EMPOWERING a real change
Foundation Espoir Monde
Foundation Espoir Monde took up on a mission of conducting research and developing new strategies of helping underprivileged youth and preventing FGM/C.
Augment knowledge and find more efficient ways to struggle against FGM/C
We aim at developing and diffusing knowledge on the medical, sociological, spiritual and anthropological origins of FGM/C.

By understanding it better, we hope to develop more efficient and respectful ways of struggling against FGM/C and specifically FGM type 3 – infibulation – in the African countries, such as Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Somaliland.
Our objectives
Through international cooperation and our regional and local in-country contacts, we aim to establish partnerships with relevant international, regional and local authorities and NGOs as well as prominent members of the civil society to focus together on researching and developing ways of creating stable and sustainable programs of sensitization and prevention of FGM in Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Somaliland.
Educate international community on the realities of FGM and promote FGM-prevention related topics in the international media in order to attract attention and financial resources to research, development and implementation of FGM-prevention programs.
Develop a Mobile Medical Units pilot project for the Ethiopian regions of Afar and Somali in order to ameliorate FGM statistics collection, to conduct medical check-ups, to provide population with basic gynecological and pediatrics care and to organize sensitization work, with the help of medical and scientific international community and local authorities.
Respectful solutions
Develop and research alternative strategies of FGM prevention, such as community talks, introducing alternative medical rites of passage, introducing FGA (female genital alteration) compromise solution in the most struggling communities, involving traditional circumcisers and other FGM actors, such as religious leaders and local political leaders.
Let's create a real change through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to an FGM phenomena involving local authorities and communities, and international civil society.
We aim at helping gifted children and youth to continue their education and achieve success
We believe that helping gifted children and youth to continue their education is the most powerful way of social transformation. We therefore work on developing new innovative solutions of detecting future leaders and supporting them in their educational projects.

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Operations Officer

Anastasia recommends and administers policies, procedures and processes in support of Foundation goals and operations.
Strategic Officer

Cristina advises the foundation on its strategies.
Administrative Officer

Leon supervises and guides operating methods, disburses funds to projects, and monitors budgets.
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